Speaking From the Heart Interview: Robyn Dell’Unto

Ever heard a song and wondered where the songwriter came up with the ideas for it? That is what happened to me after I heard the song, Sidecar, by Robyn Dell’Unto. When my sisters introduced it to me, a dance party erupted in the living room. Sidecar is so catchy that we had to start dancing as soon as we heard it! So much fun! As well, the song’s video had personal meaning too, as it reminded me of my summers growing up in Ontario. Have a listen below.

I’m excited that today, singer/songwriter Robyn Dell’Unto, is “Speaking From the Heart”, and sharing her experiences with all of us. Not only does Robyn sing and write songs, she also teaches young people to do the same. Founded by Robyn Dell’Unto in September 2011, ‘A Song Of My Own’ is a unique and interactive songwriting workshop designed to support children and youth in their exploration of music and song. Over 200 original songs have been written and recorded during A Song Of My Own workshops since the program’s inception. After hearing about the work that Robyn does, I had to invite her to take part in this series. Thank you, Robyn, for the beautiful work you are doing! Read Robyn’s interview below. Enjoy!

Why do you believe self-expression (speaking from the heart) is important?

I think it’s important to take the time to zero in on what you really care about, and understand that your perspective and interests are valid. That’s the “truth” in people I guess. That’s the interesting stuff.

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Happy 4th Blogiversary Arianna’s Random Thoughts!

Summer is a time of renewal and celebration for all of us to savour! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer, out enjoying the warmth and waves. It is your time to shine! 

One of the things I did this summer was go whale watching.

One of the things I did this summer was go whale watching.

I usually post every week but with the response to the last posting, I felt the words needed time to soak in. This August is an exciting month for Arianna’s Random Thoughts; it marks my 4-year blogging anniversary. Time has really flown by; I never envisioned how amazing this platform would become when I started!

Throughout my blogging journey, many have asked me: how have I created this online space of emergence? The truth is, this space grew through hard work, perseverance, a belief in myself, and a supportive community. To honour this journey to where the blog is today, I thought I would reflect on the process and then share where I’m headed.

Sometimes when we are so focused in the present, we can forget where we have come from. Visual cues are beautiful reminders of the past and are useful in triggering our memory. Hence, the beach theme of the blog is a constant trigger of the day when the thought of this space was planted in my heart.

Where I came up with the idea for Arianna's Random Thoughts.

Where I came up with the idea for Arianna’s Random Thoughts.

I remember that day as if it was yesterday: I was in Hawaii on vacation with my family in the late summer before my final year of graduate school; I had this strong desire to change the world. The possibilities were endless on how to enact this vision. I had been looking around for opportunities to begin but kept getting rejected and felt my thoughts were getting lost in the wind. I needed to make them real. But how?

You have so much talent, so many innovative ideas, so much beauty to light up the world! You are seeking support and the action steps to empower you on your journey! Sound familiar?!

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Narrative of a Recent Graduate

Summer is a time of reflection. After writing out this current collective narrative, the feedback I have received has caused me to keep this post up on the main page until early August.

My last post ended with the sentences, “So let’s all let the sun and warmth remind us to embrace the waves of our hair, of the water, of our lives. Seen the waves lately? Let’s nourish our true selves, and ENJOY!”

IMG00041-20110109-1149 (2)

Thinking about the waves in life, I decided to go sit outside and start writing and let the words flow out. What flowed onto the words of my journal was a powerful collective narrative inspired by the stories and experiences of recent graduates. This post is different than my usual ones, but I felt called to share it as some of you reading might feel comfort in the story’s message. I also think it will start a beautiful dialogue about how we can help each other find our way.

I was walking along the beach for a coffee, talk, and a walk with a friend this past weekend. We had been talking superficially about life, but I wanted to share something deeper. Then we came across a beautiful piece of driftwood on the path, for which we stopped; I really connected to it. It was the opening I needed to share the feelings I had been holding in for a while during my twenties – how I felt like a piece of driftwood – drifting, alone (currently) and in transition.

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