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How to encourage people to become more active?

So a thought that has been on my mind for a while now is: How do you encourage people to become physically active???

I mean in elementary and high school we used to have recess, lunch break and gym class where we could go and have fun. However in later years of high school and in university/college, it isn’t mandatory to participate in any activity. I have seen many students that lead a very sedentary life. There is no time to fit in working out when there are books to read, papers to write or exams to study for. What people sometimes forget is that in order to have a healthy mind we need a healthy body. We need to take care of it by eating healthy and being physically active.

How do you encourage people to get moving???

Thank you for reading and your presence at this beach retreat. You Rock! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.

See you at the beach!


3 thoughts on “How to encourage people to become more active?

  1. Well there is always financial means. Providing discounts for students that join a psychical fitness program during the day. So lets say a school runs 1 hours pt classes, in the morning, before lunch and in the afternoon. A student would have to attend maybe 3 classes a week (Part of their student calender but they can chose which time to sign up for). Allow the student to pick the type of activity. Ie sports, Cardio Mix, Crosstraining, swimming, weight training etc.. Attendance can be checked by the instructor or by swiping their student card. If a student attends lets say 70% of the classes then they are refunded the cost of the class. And if they make 85% offer a $1000 refund of their total School costs. Now they would most likely have to bump up the school rates by $1000 to pay for that but they would get it back anyway or you set it that the cost does not get applied to this year but to the next so that the person does not have to front it. And if a student does not bother to do it then they are adding money to the education pot for new equipment.

    It may sound bad but, really, they would get the refund if they just swipe in at the beginning of class and out at the end. They could just stand there the whole time but most people given a chance will take part. The other nice thing about this is if the person has a reasonable excuse why they can't take part (Quadriplegic or illness) then they could be excused plus 15% of classes can be skipped for studying or appointments or the flu. Or you could have it that they get a refund of the money in a 1:1 ratio. So attend 25% of the classes and get $250 back, but I prefer the other way. All or nothing.

    In this way the person is learning something about economics and contracts as well.

    Just my crazy two cents. Na more like a hay-penny.

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