NO MORE EXCUSES: What I learned from my first day of Bootcamp.

Do the following sound familiar to you?  These were all statements that I said before or during my first day at a fitness Bootcamp yesterday. It didn’t hit me until after that I use too many excuses.

“I am going a bit slower today BECAUSE I didn’t sleep well last night” – said as I was hiking

“I am taking my time down the hill BECAUSE I sprained my ankle” – on the way down

“I’m nervous to start this program BECAUSE I’ll look like a beginner” – in the car before Bootcamp

Or maybe some of these sound familiar to you….

My confession of the day is: “I’m Arianna and I am the Queen of Excuses.

It can be hard but you need to train your brain to overcome setbacks.  I should focus on the reasons to continue and excel.

The negative behaviour of making excuses needs to stop.  Yes, there will always be a reason for me not to perform my best, i.e., I didn’t sleep well, my ankle is sore, or I’ll look like a beginner, etc. But I need to overlook such excuses and not let them hinder my performance.

My current goal of the Bootcamp is to stop making excuses and push myself.  It has been said: “You train your brain and your body will follow.”

Any tips or suggestions for how to stop this way of thinking???

I love being active.  However, this way of thinking is preventing my from doing what I love.

Thank you for reading and your presence at this beach retreat. You Rock! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.

See you at the beach!


2 thoughts on “NO MORE EXCUSES: What I learned from my first day of Bootcamp.

  1. They all sound very familiar and I think the first step in dealing with excuses is to realise that they are just that excuses, the second step is to identifly the thinking or beliefs of which the excuses are just a symptom of and then to finally correct that thinking.

    For example, for the first excuse I know very well. I am in a profession that often makes me workout when: I would rather not; in ways I am not interested in; at early times in the morning; and, in rain or shine. It is pretty easily to be negative or not interested in working out because I am being forced and I may well be rather tired from the night before. In either case the thinking behind it is that I just being negative about the work out and that being tired is the end all be all of the moment. Even further going deeper, I maybe worried that I can’t actually handle the work out and giving myself a reason for my failure before time. Here I can do a really big thing for myself. Identify a goal that is positive. Preferably before hand and something that I will remember when the tiredness comes or the ‘I don’t really feel like doing this’. Could be something like ‘I am tired but I am here to get stronger. It is only an hour and I can handle it as’, The second part of this is to remind myself that, “I am tired at the start of a workout but once I am warmed up then I will not be sleepy at least anymore”

    Another thing is to start encouraging other people (even if everyone is doing better then me) and I forget that I am tired as a I am more interested in other people and then people tend to encourage back and everyone is moved to do better.

    Something else to do is to set ‘running goals’ which is to break your big goal of finishing the hour workout in tiny goals. For example. “I am tired but I will make myself work hard just until the next street light.” Once you get to the next street light you congratulate yourself to yourself, “I did it!” The pick another goal “I will work hard just until the next sign posts.” Not only are you encouraging and up talking myself, my brain is busy looking for another goal and starts to forget the tiredness. So I guess the biggest thing is to change the negative thinking into positive thinking and the mood will change quickly

    As for the third one, that is my bigger problem as I tend towards Social Anxiety and so is a work in progress for me. Two big things I do for myself there is to first realize “that I am there just to workout. Yes it would be nice to look good in front of people and make new friends but the purpose of the workout is so that I get healthier or stronger (goes back to the goal from the first part) I spent money and time to be here and not to make friends.” So there by I am working to set my expectations of what I am there for and take the stress looking good off my shoulders. The second part to remind myself that I are indeed human. “I am not perfect and I am just starting out at this so I will not be good at first and falling down may very well be part of it. But I am there to learn and get better. Or I would not need to be there at all, I should instead be in the Olympics. Every one is there for the same reason to improve themselves. If I fall and people laugh, so what? I can handle getting back on my feet and keep going.” If you really would like to become dedicated to this ideal, you could fall on purpose and prove to yourself that you can get back up and handle people laughing at you but I bet that they would not. Odds are they are not even watching you as they are too are just in fact there to get in better shape.
    As I said this is a work in progress for me but it has been working so far in similar types of situations where I am worried about how I look in front of people along with a bit of deep breathing to calm my nerves.

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