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This has been a question that has been on my heart recently: Why do I spend countless hours sharing my thoughts and experiences through blog posts?

There are many reasons why I write my blog,  but one of the main ones is due to building relationships with my readers. I’m blessed to have such amazing readers! Thank you for listening to what I have to say and sharing your stories.

I received such a sweet email yesterday from a reader who is letting me post her comment.  It reinforced why I write my blog.

After I shared a post a few days ago, Don’t Let Your Fear Stop You From Achieving Your Dream , one of my loyal readers, Felicity Lumb, commented on it. She said she could really relate to the following quote I posted: “I realized that everyone is at different stages in their life journey.  Each has his/her own definition of success and what that looks like in their life.”  She then proceeded to share how she was feeling like a failure.

I had to respond as I could relate to what she was going through and her feelings of inadequacy.   Her response to my email left me speechless. It was so beautiful that I had to ask if I could post the comment on here.

Her response to me:

“Just when you think no one notices, or understands , someone comes along with a similar issue, a similar outlook and you realize that we are ALL each other’s reflection. Thank you for sharing yourself and your life. You are an inspiration to me and I love your blog!”

Thank you for your comment Felicity! It touched my heart! You continually inspire me with your strength and courage.

The reason I write my blog regularly is because I love connecting with people and letting them know they aren’t alone.  There are others who are experiencing similiar struggles. We all have our own definitions of success and are all on our own paths in life. But, we can still be there for each other on the journey.

I found this beautiful poem and it reflects how I see myself as a blogger and a coach.  I would like to be that person/friend that “stands by” as you journey through life.  Hope you like it!

I’d love to hear why you write your blog? Or about special comments from your readers that have inspired you. 

Thank you for reading and your presence at this beach retreat. You Rock! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.

See you at the beach!


10 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. Love this, Arianna! You’re definitely making a positive impact in the world. And it’s amazing how little things can make such a difference. Did you read the post “Two Sizes Two Small” I wrote a while back? I had a very difficult middle school and elementary school period, especially in 8th grade. One person, Ashleigh, made all the difference, and that small act of kindness, stayed with me. I thought, if Ashleigh likes me for who I am, then maybe it’s okay to be me. Changed my life! http://6monthstolive.me/two-sizes-too-small/

  2. Like you, one of the key things I enjoy about blogging in a personal capacity is the friendships I build and the new people I learn about. I’ve had various blogs over the years all with different reasons. As a new Mum I felt very lonely and isolated and writing funny stories about my daughter and my bad parenting was a lovely way to build bridges with the outside world and find like minded mums and some life long friends.

    Then I became a ‘professional blogger’ blogging on education for various companies. I loved what I learnt, who I reached and the status it gave me quite quickly (maybe that’s not something one should admit?!)

    My eating disorders blog was mainly to disseminate what I’ve learnt during the course of my PhD and make sure it was actually useful – http://www.eatingdisordersadvice.co.uk I now have a mental health blog or similar reasons but with a broader remit http://www.inourhands.com/blog

    The blog I really care about right now though is my poetry blog and I really started that as a personal challenge in september. http://www.pookypoetry.wordpress.com I wondered whether undertaking to write a poem a day (having not written any before) whether I could get better at it. Along the way I’ve made a new bunch of friends, some of whom are very dear to me, and I’ve also learnt the amazing power of poetry. It brings laughter, tears and makes people talk. I write poems as gifts and they are always treasured (which does surprise me to be honest!) and I also tackle the stigma around mental health with poetry, it gets people talking, breaks down barriers.

    And I use it as my own form of therapy. I have wobbly days but if I put pen to paper and write a poem then I am able, most days, to box up my feelings and move on.

    I don’t think you wanted an essay, but you got one! xxx

    1. Pooky – thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us. I seriously thought by the quality of your poems you had been a poet for a while. You have a way with words!

      Your poems are treasures – you could even make them into posters to put on your wall. They are beautiful and honest.

      I started writing my blog during my Masters to share the research and expand the discussions beyond the classroom. I wanted to apply the theory. It started off – with posts written in the third person as you know in most academic writing it is not in the first person.

      Then I decided to speak from the heart and that is how my blog community grew and the people I connected with.

      I know most therapy is talk therapy but I truly believe in the therapeutic benefit of writing – and think the future of therapy is heading that way.

      So glad to have connected with you and looking forward to learning more.

      I’m curious what advice you would have for new bloggers that are unsure of how to start sharing their stories.

      1. I have a dear friend, June Alexander, who is currently writing a book about how writing can be a form of therapy for people recovering from eating disorders. It’s fascinating. I had no idea how powerful it could be until I started writing poetry recently. I’d always loved to write but never personal stuff before.

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