5 thoughts on “Great Quote about Leadership

  1. Wow, what a great reminder. Too often we can all get caught up in the struggle with pride in our professional work, extracurricular commitments or in any area of our lives. So many of us can end up striving for goals only to be recognized by colleagues/peers/family/friends and to win their accolades and praises. We can end up believing this is the only way to be a leader. But I think Lao Tsu is telling us that there is something much deeper and fundamental to being a leader. To be a leader, we need to think beyoned ourselves and actively think of others…. and that is so often the hardest part for so many of us …. However, I believe this is is how the world can be changed for the better. We need make it our daily ambition to be kind, pay attention to others, and give back. Even though our society sometimes seems to only support the idea of leadership through force and pounding fists, we need to broaden our definitions. Thank you Arianna for this important reminder.

  2. I think the mark of the best leader is one in which he/she thinks of others and how much good he/she can do for them. But, as stated, “give a man a fish, you give him a meal; teach a man to fish…” You get the idea.

  3. A great post, Arianna! I think a great leader has to have the wisdom that is born of pain, compassion, diplomacy, and common sense. In the past, in the workplace, I saw many people in the leadership position who had no business being there. It reminds me of a great quote, “A leader without any followers is just a guy taking a walk.” Thanks for sharing and keep up the GREAT work writing! xo Julia

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