My Vision Board and Life List

Curious of how to turn your vision into reality? I really encourage you to create a vision board to gain clarity and be super inspired.

My Vision Board:

I have wanted to make a vision board ever since my hairdresser told me about it a couple years ago. If you read my blog post, I wrote about how I wanted to create a vision board. Well, I did it.  A photo of the final product is shown below.  The process was really easy; you start with a blank canvas. Then, I found photographs and quotes in magazines that inspired me and I cut them out.  The next step was to arrange the images into a collage on the canvas.  As I have a crafty side, I thought this was a really cool way to display my goals for the next ten years. 

(c) Arianna’s Random Thoughts

Let me explain my goals to you (or as I say on board dreams):

  • Most of all, since I just graduated I want to keep dreaming and pursue my passion. I want my life to be one big adventure.
  • I want to be a leader through empowering students, athletes, and indivduals to go after their dreams, know that they have a community there to support them and to not give up despite all the unfortunate circumstances that will likely arise in their lives.
  • I want to start my career that combines education and sport.
  • I need to live near the ocean/lake/river.  The water is my source of strength.
  • I want to learn how to play the guitar, be a better photographer, become a surfer, and write for a magazine. :)
  • I want to go travel more with my friends: as seeing new places and faces makes me happy.

Most importantly, I need to remember to never stop smiling or to stop being myself. :) So that is what vision board consists of.

This is how I created my vision board but you can also use Pinterest to gather quotes and images that inspire you.  Or, you can be more specific and write out your goals as I did and created a Life List.

My Life List:

The process of writing out my specific goals gave me order, less clutter, and regained focus in my life. They are all things that I have been saying I would like to do for a long time and will help me achieve my goal of empowering others through being my authentic self. Here is the list I created in 2012 – but it has been updated since then.

(c) Arianna's Random Thoughts
(c) Arianna’s Random Thoughts

If you were to create a lifelist, what would you write on there? Have you created one already, I’d love to see it. Need help or have questions about the process – feel free to ask in the comment section below.

15 thoughts on “My Vision Board and Life List

  1. Such a cool idea. I thought I’d commented on this before but guess my thoughts never made it to…paper? Hmm…screen? We’ll go with that. I especially liked how “spa vacation” can be found right next to “marriage.” :)

  2. Guitar is on my list, too. I don’t have the desire or ambition to create such a board at my age, though. You still seem young, supported by friends and family and full of youthful enthusiasm I have eroded over the years.

    As for being a better photographer, that’s just going to come with practice or not. I have the unsteady hand problem though I like to think I have a great eye for framing shots. Even tripods disappoint me sometimes.

  3. Thought provoking. I am new to blogging, and with everything else I have going on in my life; I always seem to be trying to find the time to do it all. I know the key to organizing my thoughts and goals, is to write them down. Making that a daily part of my life is the difficult part. Any suggestions?

    1. Welcome to the blogging world, Zuberi! Great to connect with you :) I’d love to know more about your blog.
      Life seems to be like that right – I have been there. Despite the busyness, we always find time to do what we are passionate about, for me one of those is writing.
      I created a vision board because it is in my office and is a reminder of what my goals are. I’m curious to know more about your goals.
      I schedule twenty to thirty min a day (maybe longer on some when I have more time) to write out thoughts and ideas.
      Just to clarify so I can give you specific advice, are you looking for advice about writing in particular or just organizing your goals?

  4. I’m interested in both, however, I know I must first organize prior to writing effectively. As for my goals, they are random at the moment. Similar to you I aspire to write a book one day, travel and experience new things. I also want to live healthy, love more and enjoy more. Share experiences and learn from others’ experiences. Be creative–whether it be through word expression or through the are of sketching (something I enjoy doing). Schooling is a big deal to me. I’m looking to become a fitness trainer and/or possibly getting my Graduate Degree in a field of interest. I’m been searching and have yet to find that thing. I also want to work on being the best family man and friend I can be. Those are just a few–on a really long and confusing list. :)

    1. Thanks for sharing your goals! I love hearing about others dreams. Those sound fantastic.
      Just from reading what you wrote I would focus on schooling as that is more career focused. I would say start there – as figuring out your career focus and passion will inspire you and may provide opportunities in travel, writing a book and blog posts, and experiencing new things. Once you have that one more set – the others will find their place in your schedule. It seems you are all about promoting health for the mind, body, and soul :) I’m excited for you! Just start and the momentum will build.

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