Do you feel stuck on your path, unsure of the next step in following your dream? I will get you moving!

I was once in your shoes. I had a dream after graduation, but I lacked the inner courage and self-worth to take action; I was stuck.

When I gained the strength to act, however, my dreams became a reality. Achieving your dreams starts with a strong foundation – belief in yourself. When you realize you matter, and your thoughts matter, growth occurs.

By expressing my thoughts in a journal and through conversations with others, I gained the courage to express my dream and my momentum started building. Now, I foster others to become empowered, facilitating them to take action, too.

What are your “random” thoughts? What is your life dream? What are you craving to do, to be? What is at the heart of your life?

Perhaps you want to spread your thoughts online (through a blog or online magazine), to communicate more effectively with others, to write and publish a book (e-book or hardcover), or to gain community (online and offline) support for an initiative?

We all have goals that we want to achieve in our precious lives. Yet sometimes we keep these dreams hidden, as we don’t truly believe we can achieve them. I will help you express those dreams; then, I will help ground you with the inner courage and action steps for you to move forward.

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Pursuing your dreams will require you to think outside the box and to take a route that is different from many around you. I will help you find and connect with a nurturing community, one that understands your route and facilitates your growth. As well, I’ll be your cheerleader and accountability buddy along the way. I will meet you right where you are in your journey. After all, this is about your dream!

Standing Tall & Speaking from the Heart takes courage and perseverance. Imagine what you can achieve if you make the effort! Let me help you discover some routes to get your thoughts expressed in a manner that suits you, i.e., writing, blogging, speaking, photography, dance, art, sport, music – the sky’s the limit!

“You took me past the place of panic and got me actually excited about writing an essay!!!” – Client

Let’s get you unstuck and moving forward! The first step is to reach out and say “hi”! * Details of my offerings are coming soon. Be sure to sign up for the mailing list to know when my offers become available.

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Academic Work:

  • Master’s of Education Degree Major Research Paper: An Evaluation of Three School-Based Bullying Prevention Programs.
  • Was mentored and taught by Dr. Niva Piran (Leading Expert in Body-Image and Eating Disorders).
  • Coached by Julie Parker (CEO of Beautiful You Coaching Academy), Amber Krzys (BodyHeart), Anna Runyan, and Amanda Abella.
  • Analysis of TouchMath for a course in my Master’s of Education Degree.
  • Poster Presentation of my undergraduate thesis: “Adults’ Use of Procedures in Mental Arithmetic with Multi-Digit Numbers” at BBCS/SCCC 16th Annual Meeting in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Jo-Anne LeFevre.

Graduate level courses in:

  • Human Development: Foundations of Human Development and Education; Cognitive Development and Learning; Psychology and Education of Children and Adolescents with Learning Disabilities; Social and Personality Development; Social‐Emotional Development and Applications.
  • Research Design and Methodology: Intermediate Statistics and Research Design; Interpretation of Educational Research; Ethical Issues in Applied Psychology.
  • Counselling Psychology: Group Therapy: Theory & Practice; Family Therapy: Theory & Practice; Special Topics in Counselling Psychology: Body and Self‐Experience at the Intersection of Body and Culture.
  • School Improvement: School Program Development and Implementation.

Professional Experience in Educational Settings:

Athletic Experience:

~ Arianna Merritt, M.Ed.

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8 Responses to Consulting

  1. ls

    “Arianna’s Random Thoughts” seeems to touch at the heart of things, and of people. Arianna’s backup for her “random thoughts” is substantial, in terms of her pictures and her broad knowledge. Thanks, Arianna, for perservering and showing us the way. We’re here to be your community, too.

  2. Jacqueline

    I’d love to add something for this! Let me know if you’re interested! ;)

  3. girlychristina

    Wow, I really felt inspired by this post. I am so happy you found me b/c I needed some inspiration to believe in myself more! <3 Thank you!!

  4. JulianeAshley

    I love your blog and what you are sharing! I am working hard to get out of my rut… seem to lack a passion or sense of purpose. Anyways, going to explore your site a but more, thanks for sharing :)

    • Arianna Merritt, M. Ed.

      Thanks for your kind words! Love your blog too. So great to meet you too. We can encourage each other to persevere – I’ve been in a rut before. What helped me was creating an awesome community of people.

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