#FuelPersistence Interview: Ian Warner


I’m so excited that today, athlete and entrepreneur Ian Warner is empowering us all to #fuelpersistence through sharing his story, passions, and life lessons. Ian reached out to me through Twitter and after connecting with him through email, I had to invite him to share his story on Arianna’s Random Thoughts. I love his passion for life and how he created a company with his brother, also a fellow athlete.

Ian Warner grew up in Toronto, Ontario, where he attended the athletic powerhouse, Birchmount Park Collegiate. There he won provincials 8 times and earned himself an athletic scholarship to Iowa State. At Iowa State, he excelled as an entrepreneur by raising $150,000 from an angel investor. The same year as that investment, he became an NCAA All-American and made the 2012 Canadian Olympic Team.

Ian is the author of “Endure: An Athlete’s Guide to Faith, Hope, and Success.” He speaks to high school students about how our trials prepare us for greatness later in life. Ian helps plenty of new entrepreneurs to withstand the struggles that come with being an entrepreneur. He is now in the process of creating a community called “Bounce Back Entrepreneurs.”

I love the concept of how you and your brother created “Athlete CEO.” Tell us the story of how you turned your passion into a career.

I realized that there is not that much of a difference in what it takes to be a successful athlete, and a successful entrepreneur. I was also discovering that a lot of athletes hated having jobs because they were often too independent and used to living life on their own terms. We had already been running “Cover Ground,” but we decided it was time to also help athletes make the transition to entrepreneurship.

I am actually making a bit of a shift with this (i.e., Cover Ground) though. I am going to be moving much of it over to a new platform, called “Bounce Back Entrepreneurs.” The site will be all about helping entrepreneurs to get through those really difficult stages. Cover Ground will go back to being much more focused on athletes’ training. 


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#FuelPersistence Interview: Chandra Crawford

happy new year

Happy New Year! For many of us, January marks the beginning of new goals that we set for ourselves. The start of the new calendar year also marks the countdown for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games happening this summer. Therefore, I thought I would set the year off on the right track for all of us by showcasing a mentor of mine, Chandra Crawford, who has excelled in achieving her goals as a Gold-Medal Canadian Olympian and Founder of the organization, “Fast and Female.” I’m excited that today Chandra is sharing her insights to help us all #fuelpersistence in our personal and professional goals. Chandra is a positive role model, who I am honoured to feature on Arianna’s Random Thoughts. With this interview, my hope is that Chandra will empower us all with some practical strategies for achieving our dreams.

chandra 1
(c) Chandra Crawford

For those who don’t know her, Chandra Crawford is a music-loving mountain girl, born and raised in Canmore, Alberta. In 2005 she founded “Fast and Female,” an organization dedicated to Empowerment Through Sport that reaches 2000 girls annually throughout North America.


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A Letter to the 2014 Canadian Olympic Team

we_ are_ winter.jpg

Dear Members of the 2014 Canadian Olympic Team, YOU WERE EXCEPTIONAL!

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics came to a close yesterday, but what was captured on screen will stay in our hearts and minds forever.

Throughout the Games, Canadians all over the globe were uniting as proud supporters of our team. I, on behalf of all Canadians, would like to thank our amazing athletes and coaches for their involvement at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games and for being amazing ambassadors of our country.

What were the highlights of the Olympics for you? What performance(s) stood out to you?

For me there were many highlights from the Games, and each was very special.  But one theme was common to all our Canadians’ efforts: the importance of perseverance and believing in yourself!

The Women’s Gold medal game between Canada and the U.S. last Friday displayed that for me in particular. For the first 56 minutes, our Canadian women’s team were down two goals to the Americans, and it appeared to the viewers that they wouldn’t win.

Some people in their position would have given up and felt defeated.

Then, with less than 4 minutes left in the game, a goal was scored by Brianne Jenner, a Canadian who saw a hole and took it. She still believed; she showed others that with perseverance and hope, a goal was possible.  That meant that other goals were possible too! With redeemed momentum spawned by this first goal, Marie-Philip Poulin (Canada) got a second – with less than one minute remaining in the game. 


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